About Us

We started our chicken adventure with a mixed flock to get a few eggs on the table. In time we decided to breed birds that were not only delightful yard art, but good producers of interesting eggs as well. After dealing with some nasty roosters, temperament became as important if not more so than beautiful eggs. We set about getting birds with these qualities and have added pens and a large cabinet incubator to help reach our goal. Everything we do is all about breeding nice birds with good dispositions that lay interesting eggs. To that end we are working with Silverudds Blue, [previously know as Isbars], Cream Legbars and Marans.

We have the sought after First Import Silverudds Blue. These birds have the desired dark eyes and legs many seek. We do not get the red leakage and lighter eyes seen in the second group imported by Green Fire Farms. We looked long and hard to find two breeders with pure first import lines. Our birds are a combination of those two lines. They are wonderful producers of green eggs even in our Texas heat.

We are working to get our Silverudds all homozygous. Please see this BLOG POST  explaining where we are in this process.  At this time we probably have the largest flock of pure first imports in the US.

Our Cream Legbars are Cream. We do not get the Crele and White that many are working with. We are a member of the Cream Legbar Club and are working our birds towards the proposed standard. The Cream Legbar Club is working the breed towards APA acceptance and they are almost there. In addition to breeding our birds to the standard for type, we are also working to make sure the eggs are blue. Some of the Legbars have a green tint egg. Any that show up with a tint go into pens that create our wonderful crosses.

 We started with a Black Copper Marans rooster that we used to create olive eggers. I was impressed with his easy going disposition and have added a few more of this variety as well as Blue Copper Marans to our program. Egg color is good and we are trying to improve our type. We desire to breed our birds to the standard and want to produce good type birds that lay a dark egg color. But our birds are not quite SOP having shorter backs and higher tail carriage than desired. But, we get really good egg color ranging from 4-7 on the Marans egg color chart. These are perfect for most backyard flock owners that are just wanting a chocolate egg in their basket. We will keep trying to improve our birds and move closer to the SOP when we get the Silverudds where we want them.

In 2020 we will be looking for a quality line to add into to what we have to improve our type and hopefully also add a little more to the egg color we are already getting. 

New in 2019 were Isabella Leghorns. I saw photos of them and thought they were stunning. So.. we obtained two lines and crossed them and are very pleased with the results. We are working to improve the bird as we work with them and for egg production, they are hard to beat. With the current increases in feed it is nice to know they are more than just eye candy,


Because I have a mad scientist side, we combine several of our breeds to get crosses with a purpose. I have learned to keep some back up birds around and I use them to make crosses that should be good production birds. Temperament is a very high priority for us, so we look for friendly birds where the roosters are not people aggressive. None of the males in any of our breeds or crosses have anything but the best disposition and personality.  Next on the must have list is colored eggs. We are working to get eggs that range from mint to olive green. Check out our Cream Blue LeMar-Bars, Fiesta Reds and our newest addition Silver Bullets for beautiful eggs and birds. You can find out more information on our breeds and crossed in the Our Birds section of the site.

We are always available to answer questions. You can send us an email, but the best way is to reach us is through Facebook. We have both a PAGE and a GROUP. You will need to request acceptance in the group. We take lots of photos and Facebook is where they end up. Chickens are a hobby and I do work a full time job. I tend to catch up with PM's and emails at that time. If you still don't get a response, message me again. At times we get a lot of messages coming from different directions and things can get missed. If you prefer Instagram, we can be found there as well.