Black Copper Marans

~ Dark Brown

Cock .... 8 pounds

Cockerel ... 7 pounds

Hens .... 6.5 pounds

Pullets .... 5.5 pounds

The Marans originated in France and are named after the historic port town of Marans. The breed is said to have begun in the 13th century and continued through the centuries. During the 1800's Brahama and Langshans were added in.Marans in their current forms started to appear at French poultry shows in 1914. The Marans Cub of France was organized in 1929 and the first standards were established in 1931.

Marans were imported into the US for many years, probably beginning around the time soldiers returned to the states after World War II. Over the years birds have been brought in not only from France but also other countries like England, Austrlia and possibly Belgium and Switzerland. The Marans are best known for their large, dark russet brown eggs. This is a defining characteristic of the breed so selecting and improving eggs color should never be neglected.

We got into the Copper Marans because our neighbor had some. It started with a rooster to get some interesting olive eggers. But I fell in love with the breed and have added hens and have been breeding towards good egg color while we are working to improve our birds over all type.

Copper Marans Photo Gallery

Copper Marans


Hens are large and come in blue and back. They have been good producers and I love their temperament. 


Roosters are large and good protectors of their flocks. We do not tolerate mean boys and expect these guys to be big fluffy gentleman.


We get both blue and black chicks. I find the youngsters to be calm and friendly.. especially the males.

Dark Eggs

We are getting egg colors that range from 4-6 on the Marans egg color chart. We are working to get our eggs even darker.