Cream Blue Le


~ Sage Eggs

Cock .... 7 pounds

Cockerel ... 6 pounds

Hens .... 5.5 pounds

Pullets .... 4.5 pounds

Our Cream Blue Le are a cross of two very popular breeds. These birds are a cross of a Cream Legbar rooster over the Silverudds Blue/Isbar. The cross produces a variety of attractive birds. Many are a blue or black with soft barring. Then others have more the the russet coloring you find with the Cream Legbars. From the Legbars most of the birds will sport little crests and I have found they have the great personalities of both their parents breeds.

From the Cream Legbars side, the birds get a little size. Being a little bigger than the Silverudds Blue makes them a good dual purpose cross. Young males are not always desired, so having them reach a decent weight at maturity makes them good for processing. From the Silverudds Blue you get birds that are great foragers and easy keepers.

The pullets from this cross  are great additions to any back yard flock. They are beautiful hens that lay green eggs. The Cream Legbars lay blue eggs.. and crossed with the Silverudds Blue that lay green.. gives hens that will lay eggs from lighter mint to sea green shades. There is not enough brown egg coloring from the Silverudds Blue to give the darker olive shades so many desire. But, the lighter shades of green give great variety to the egg basket and desired for those wanting a potpourri of egg colors. Many people know this delightful cross as Ice Cream Bars. What ever you want to call them, you should call a few of them yours.

We sell eggs from this cross and on occasion have young birds for sale.

Cream Blue Le Photo Gallery