Isabella Leghorn - 6

Half dozen Isabella Leghorn eggs plus an extra. You will receive 7 eggs.

Isabella Leghorns


We recently obtained the Isabella Leghorns and are in the process of growing them out. We obtained two lines to have some genetic diversity and are starting to get some eggs. We will be crossing the two line and seeing what they produce next year.

Eggs from these birds are not currently available. Look for us to offer these in 2020.

 Price includes shipping in the continental US. We do not ship out of the country.   

 We need your phone number as we ship HOLD AT PO. Please send us a message after placing your order with your phone number.  

  NPIP for PT  


The cost of shipping in the continental US is included in the price. We cannot ship to Alaska and Hawaii because of the length of time shipping takes.

We are NPIP for PT and AI 

We do not have export license and so we are unable to ship out of the United States


There are no returns or refunds on hatching eggs. We try to ship extra eggs so that the number purchased arrive unbroken. Many things can happens once the eggs leave our hands with shipping as well as handling once received. There is risk in ordering hatching eggs.. purchasing these eggs means you accept these risks.


At times we have a waiting list for our eggs. We will contact you to discuss what dates are available if you order. You can always send us a message if you want to make sure the dates you want are open. In the Spring, you can reserve a shipping date for a $30 deposit with the balance due the weekend before shipping