~ Olive Eggs

Cock .... 6.5 pounds

Cockerel ... 5.5 pounds

Hens .... 5 pounds

Pullets .... 4.5 pounds

Our Mar-Bars have been an extremely popular cross. This cross is a Black Copper Marans rooster over Cream Legbar hens. The outcome is pretty colored eggs from birds that lay well. The neat thing about this cross is you are able to determine the sex of the chick at hatch. Females will be solid black and the males will have a dot on their head. Both males and females grow into good sized birds making them a nice dual purpose bird. 

The females of this cross mature into black birds and many have hints of copper in the hackles. Almost all of our girls have also sported modest little crests. The cross of dark brown egg layer to a blue egg layer give a pretty olive egg in the offspring. If you want something a little different then you need to get a few of these for your flock. For those seeking some variety in their egg basket, this cross is a nice addition. 

The cockerels of this cross are barred. Some show copper in the hackles as well. They become good sized birds and make excellent protectors of a back yard flock. If you decide to process these birds they mature to a good weight for the freezer.

Mar-Bar Photo Gallery

Mature hens are beautiful, having the heavier body type of their Marans parent

Even as youngsters our Mar-Bars are attractive and great additions to a flock. Many often get a little crest from their Legbar side.

From both parents we get great personalities. Friendly and inquisitive these birds are a pleasure to have in your flock.

Eggs from this cross are a nice shade of olive.