Silver Bullet - 12

Very popular cross of two great breeds. Some know this cross as Ice Cream Bars

Silver Bullet


We got a few Rhode Island Reds and found them to be really fun birds and a pleasure to have around. We decided to cross them with our Silverudds Blue and ended up with a wonderful cross this is striking as well as productive.

Silverudds Blue are smaller birds designed with production in mind. The hens are high producers of green eggs, often with speckles on them. When crossed to the RIR, we get a medium sized bird with beautiful lacing on the females. The males end up very colorful and unique with a lot of pattern. Who knew we would get these wonderful colors from the parent stock.

The girls will lay eggs in sage tones, often getting some speckles from the Silverudds side. The RIR gives a nice size to the egg. We have found these birds to lay quite well and they are a favorite in our local market.

Both of these breeds also have great friendly disposition.  Chicks are a pleasure to raise and the hens I find steady and friendly. Males are great flock protectors and have sweet dispositions so you don't have to worry about turning your backs on them.

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