Silver Bullet

~ Green 

Cock .... 6 pounds

Cockerel ... 5 pounds

Hens .... 4.5 pounds

Pullets .... 4 pounds

If you have checked out our other crosses, you know we like good production birds that are attractive and friendly. We also like to have fun colored eggs. So we use our back up breeders to mix and match in some fun designer crosses. The Mar-Bars and Fiesta Reds are very popular and everyone just loves them. This cross was more for me to see what it would produce than anything else. I had raised some Rhode Island Reds in my Silverudds Blue pen and decided to hatch out a few eggs before I moved the girls to other pens. But after I saw the chicks and how they are turning out, we are going to offer this cross as well.

Rhode Island Reds are under foot friendly. They are social and have no problems with being picked up and carried around. They are a good production breed and are known to lay lots of good sized brown eggs. When crossed to the Cream Legbars we got nice sized birds laying sea green eggs.

Our Silverudds Blue are our best layers. They  lay well in the extreme heat of our Texas summers when the others quit. Production does slow during our mild winters as the birds are usually molting. Crossing the Rhode Island Reds to the Silverudds Blue gave me black chicks with a rusty red on their face and head. As they grew they developed some beautiful lacing, mainly on the front part of the bird. We are still growing these first birds out as we approach the start of 2020, but they look like they are going to be very attractive birds when mature. The RIR girls are in with homozygous roosters so will be olive eggers. The girls are laying eggs in light to medium sage in color. Many of our Silverudds Blue have speckles on their eggs... and they often show up in this cross..

Silver Bullet Photo Gallery

Silver Bullet


We are still waiting for our first girls to mature, but we are expecting a smaller bird that can lay lots of eggs.

Unique Additions

This cross produces some very beautiful and unique birds. These will be wonderful yard art for any back yard flock.


The males of this cross are going to be very flashy. With the Silverudds Blue in their breeding they should be great flock protectors and never aggressive. 

Beautiful Eggs

This cross should lay green eggs that are sage in color. We are still waiting for the birds to mature and give our first egg.