Silverudds Blue

~ Green 

Cock .... 6 pounds

Cockerel ... 5 pounds

Hens .... 4.5 pounds

Pullets .... 4 pounds

The Silverudds Blue was one of many projects created by a monk named Martin Silverudd. He had a passion for creating auto-sexing breeds that laid a high volume of unusually colored eggs. He is responsible for creating many breeds, among them the 55 Flowery Hen, the Queen Silvia, the Molilja, and, of course, the Isbar now renamed after him in his honor.


The Silverudds Blue are cold hardy yet do very well here in the heat of Texas. Another breed that are good foragers, the hens produce 150-200 green eggs a year.


Though watchful and alert for predators they are very calm with people. Roosters are known to be non aggressive to people yet will fiercely defend their girls.

Even better than their sweet dispositions are the eggs that vary in shades of green from a dark olive to a lighter moss green. Some eggs can also have small brown speckles against a green background. I find the speckled eggs to be stunning and am thrilled every time I get one.

Greenfire Farms first imported this breed from Sweden in 2011. Another line was imported in 2013 and many do not feel the second line had the characteristics many liked in the first import line. We spent a lot of time researching this breed and located breeders that only have first import birds. Our stock is based on two lines of pure import birds so we get genetic diversity in our breeding program. We have never experienced the issues with health and vigor some have posted about in these birds. Since this is a production breed, we expect to get plenty of eggs while we work to establish color and type.

The Silverudds Blue comes in three colors.. blue, black and splash. We have three pens and a rooster of each color. Because we think the high contrast splashes are more attractive then the washed out ones, we have our pairings so that we get high contrast and not dilution and washing. We are also working for nice blacks with no leakage and deep dark blues.

We are currently testing our birds to be homozygous for the blue egg shell. We have tested homozygous roosters in our main pens and are working our way through testing our grow outs. Please read our blog post on the subject. There is a lab in Florida called IQ Testing that is making is much easier and faster to get results. 

  A group of breeders have gotten together and have formed an association to promote this breed and to have correct information to the public. Please check out the website and consider becoming a member of the group.


Silverudds Blue Photo Gallery

Silverudds Blue


Mature hens are small in size and come in blue, black and splash. Though small this is a production breed and will lay a high number of eggs every year. 

Personable Roosters

Roosters are active and alert and excellent flock protectors. Even though their are fierce defenders they are never people aggressive.


Youngsters are friendly and curious and enjoy your company and treats.

Beautiful Eggs

Eggs come in beautiful shades of green and my even come dark or light speckles.