Island Cream

~ Sea Green 

Cock .... 6 pounds

Cockerel ... 5 pounds

Hens .... 4.5 pounds

Pullets .... 4 pounds

I like pretty eggs and attractive yard art. I spend time with my birds and enjoy friendly chickens. I am pretty sure others do too.  In addition, I feel chickens should be a good producers of eggs.  If I am going to feed a hen, I want her to produce not only a pretty egg, but lots of them. If the eggs are colorful it is even better. So we take the breeds we are working with and make some unique designer crosses. 

I got a couple of Rhode Island Reds for fun from Tractor Supply. I found them to be sweet and loved having them around. Since I have a PhD in chicken math, when an opportunity presented itself I got four more. The youngsters are currently growing but we have the first two in with one of our Cream Legbar roosters. 

From this cross we got some adorable and colorful offspring. Some of them even have a little crest. We are still growing the youngsters out and eagerly awaiting our first eggs. We are expecting green eggs probably in the shades of sage to avocado. The birds have not yet reached mature weight, but they look to be finishing out at the same size as the parents. Both the Legbars and Rhode Island Reds are good sized birds and males from this cross are going to be decent in a stew pot if desired.

Both breeds used in this cross are also laid back and friendly.  I have found them to be some of my sweetest birds and a pure joy to have around. The chicks are always quick to come up and visit and the adults are steady and not flighty. In addition to their enduring personalities they are colorful and and a delightful addition to a flock.

Island Cream Photo Gallery

Island Creams


Mature hens are nice sized and end up  keeping their beautiful coloring when they are grown.

Unique Additions

The Island Creams are colorful additions to a back yard flock. At every age they are a delight.


This cross when young are flat out adorable. All the colors and a little crest on the top

Beautiful Eggs

This cross lays eggs in the prettiest shades of green. They are more of a sea green color that adds another lovely shade to an egg basket.