Fiesta Red

~ Sea Green 

Cock .... 6 pounds

Cockerel ... 5 pounds

Hens .... 4.5 pounds

Pullets .... 4 pounds

I love pretty birds. But I don't like spending time and money on birds that do not earn their keep with a high production of eggs. So all our birds are production breeds of some sort. Before we add any breed, we make sure it will meet our standards of production as well as beautiful yard art. So.. rarely do I add anything on impulse. The impulse buy resistance did take a hit when chicks hit my local Tractor Supply in 2019. I had plenty of my own chicks hatched out so I surely did not need anything new. But.. I was curious about the Rhode Island Reds as I knew them to be a good production breed. While I had no idea where I was going to put them when grown.. I decided to purchase a couple for fun. I figured I could always sell them if needed when they started to lay if I could not use them in some of my pens.

Those chicks grew into the friendliest birds I have ever encountered. I found them to be underfoot friendly and easy to pick up and handle. We added a few more RIRs and have some of the girls running around with our Cream Legbar roosters. This cross produces very attractive birds that are shades of chestnut and gold and have white and black feathers sprinkled in. Most of the birds also get an adorable crest from their Cream Legbar parent.

These birds are a real pleasure to have in a back yard flock. They are unique and attractive yard art and some of the most personable birds to have around. Our Cream Legbars are also good tempered birds that are curious and friendly. Crossed to the Rhode Island Reds you get calm, steady birds full of personality. This cross lays a pretty egg in shades of sea green. If you want something a little unusual but do not want to sacrifice getting a lot of eggs.. this is the chicken for you.

Fiesta Red Photo Gallery

Fiesta Red


Mature hens are nice sized and end up  keeping their beautiful coloring when they are grown.

Unique Additions

The Fiesta Red are colorful additions to a back yard flock. At every age they are a delight.


This cross when young are flat out adorable. All the colors and a little crest on the top

Beautiful Eggs

This cross lays eggs in the prettiest shades of green. They are more of a sea green color that adds another lovely shade to an egg basket.